It's good to know what to expect when you embark on a new project or business venture. Make a selection below to learn more about the variety of services offered here at Design Lab 87. This should help answer some of the questions you may have about what to expect when beginning your new adventure and show you how the professional and affordable services of Design Lab 87 can help. If you still have questions or would like a free estimate please don't hesitate to give a call or send an email. Contact Design Lab 87

Website Design

Starting a new website project or updating an existing website, can be a daunting task. A website has a lot of moving parts and a lot of planning and forethought must go into giving your users the best experience possible. Let Design Lab 87 help you cast your vision, organize your resources and construct a website that will grow with you. This can happen with a well plotted course.

Visualization and Conception

This beginning phase serves a dual purpose. First, I become well acquainted with you, your vision, your goals and your business. This enables me to catch your vision. Next, we start giving that vision wings. I help you visualize your future site and build a conceptual model with the design and functionality that targets your customers.

Content and Development

This is where the magic happens. Well, it's not really magic, but it may as well be. This is when all the ideas come to life and take shape. Interactive elements will be programmed, and your content will fill out the design.

Launch and Test

The last phase is where all the pieces come together. The site is uploaded to the host account and tested rigorously to be sure it behaves the way you want for your customers. Your site is now ready to take on the world.

Logo Design

How will your business be perceived by your future customers? What will your name and image mean to a potential client? Strength, reliability, creativity, unparalleled service . . . what drives your business? What's your trademark? Will your demographic hear it? Will they see it in your logo? Will they remember it?

When developing a logo, there are a lot of considerations, but perhaps none more vital than these:

Who you are: Does it represent you, your values, your product or service?

Making a mark: Does it make an indelible impression?

Simplicity is key: Is it simple, and yet functional across your range of products and advertising?

Let Design Lab 87 create a logo that will fulfill all of these critical aspects and convince your customers that you are serious about what you do.

Graphic Design

Having a consistent image presented to your customers via printed materials helps them identify your company with the high quality of work you offer. What are the materials that help your customers recognize and remember you and your products and services? Business cards, brochures, posters, t-shirt or uniform design . . . whatever you need, Design Lab 87 is up to the task.

Just as important as having these printed materials is getting them at a reasonable price. You should always know exactly what you are getting and precisely what it is going to cost. Let Design Lab 87 give you a clear upfront estimate and unparalleled graphic design.

Custom Illustration

We live in a very visual culture. Artwork is everywhere. T-shirts, brochures, magazines, books, websites . . . we are saturated with visual stimuli. As an artist, I like those visuals to be beautiful, and purposeful. An illustration can serve to enhance the aesthetic of a marketing piece, a website, or almost any project.

I take a special pride in creating stunning illustrations that convey the essence of your message. Whether it's hand drawing, vector illustration, pen and ink . . . with your vision anything is possible. Let Design Lab 87 help you explore the possibilities and help you stand out from the crowd with something uniquely you.

Mural Painting

How many kids enjoy a bedroom wall painted just for them? All of them, I think. It's a pretty safe bet. And why not? What a great way to inspire a child's imagination and creativity. The first step is creating a scaled down, full color drawing of how the wall will look. Then, careful precautions are taken to be sure no paint gets where you don't want it, like on the rug! When the painting is complete, a protective coating is applied to preserve the mural for years to come.

This doesn't have to end with the kids rooms! Have you ever dreamed of a window in your home that opens to a breathtaking view of the ocean? Perhaps a family room that opens up on one side to a trellis and a beautiful garden? If you live in the city like me, a mural may be the way to make it a reality. Let Design Lab 87 bring your imagination to life!